DOM Cultural Center

10 March 2006

VIDEODOM studio presents the national premiere of the film
(2006, 66 min)

directed by Pavel LABAZOV & Andrey SILVESTROV
idea of the project: Pavel LABAZOV, Andrey SILVESTROV
lead: Vladislav MAMYSHEV-MONROE
composer: Eduard SIVKOV
project curator: Nadya BAKURADZE


Additional information: tel: 9515404, e-mail:, also Contacts for press: tel: 5093197 and e-mail: - Anna Kiseleva (PR manager)

After the world premiere screening of the Volga-Volga film at the 35th International Rotterdam Film Festival european press named the authors of the film "new russian dadaists". That's partly true, because Pavel Labazov and Andrey Silvestrov didn't produce a simple remake of the cult Soviet movie, but tried to create "the post-modern comedy" by changing the main actress of the film.

The upgraded film's heroine is Monroe (famous pop-artist Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe), exactly his head only, which envades into the film theme, destroying old contexts and meanings, providing new buffoonery view on reality. White columns of the gigantic shipping locks, the "Iosif Stalin" river boat, and even Lenin's statue transformed to be plywood scenery. And proud soviet people, rushing by Volga river to Moscow , look as they are revolutionary ragamuffins who may be have no aims, but only the song...

DVD Volga-Volga will be produced to the Moscow premiere, you could buy it after each screenings:
6 March at 11 am - club CINE FANTOM, Fitil' cinema theatre (address: Frunzenskaya nab., 12) (only for press)
8 March at 8 pm - club CINE FANTOM, Fitil' cinema theatre (address: Frunzenskaya nab., 12)
10 March at 8 pm - DOM cultural centre

Photos of graphic arts quality: [1]

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