DOM Cultural Center

30 August 2006

LONG ARMS - 3 / September 27 - October 4, 2006
PAMELA Z (USA), JG THIRLWELL (USA), Bill DRUMMOND & The 17 (UK), David COSSIN & REAL QUIET (USA), Riodji HODJITO (Japan), Leonid FYODOROV (Russia), Tatiana GRINDENKO (Russia), Igor ZAKHAROV (Russia), Masahiko SATOH (Japan) BROTZMANN-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER (Germany-Switzerland), Teruto SOEJIMA (Japan), Wolfgang SCHIFTNER & KELOMAT (Austria), Markus STOCKHAUSEN (Germany), Tara BOUMAN (UK), Sainkho NAMCHYLAK (Austria) and many others.

The main avantgarde music LONG ARMS festival will pass from 27th of September to 4th of October, 2006 at the DOM cultural centre. The festival is organized by the DEVOTIO MODERNA, the art union APOSITION (Petersburg) and the DOM PROM company. Several contemporary music directions will be presented at the festival, including new composing, improvised, electroacoustic and experimental. The LONG ARMS festival is dedicated to Nick Dmitriev.

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