DOM Cultural Center

22 September 2009

A Karman Exposer-Gozarashi
Taketeru Kudo - butho dance,
Anton Silaev - trumpet, electronic
[butho dance]

 “Gozarashi” or “A Karman Exposer” was premiered in Tel-Aviv and Haifa, Israel in 1997. The next it was presented in North Japan tour, Hokkaido and Tohoku. It was also invited from various festivals abroad like in Nancy, Lyon, NYC and Vancouver.

There have been two principal motifs for Kudo from the time of his debut, “Oshila” and “A man of the ruin”. “Oshila” is the name of the small wooden idols of ancient Tohoku, Northern part of Honshu island. Kudo found them in the small shrine at the corner of his grand-father’s garden. He frequented the strange objects that frightend him those days, led by the obscure desire to watch them. He confessed those still define his standard of the beauty.

On the other hand we have to say people are actually cut from the tradition in modern world. It can be refered to the situation like each person is left at the place where everything around is burnt down. We can see a lot of similarity nowadays.

“Gozarashi”-literaly means a man who exposes his karma, that we say when we abuse someone who behave something very shameful to the world. The work is exploring the human condition under which they are struggling in the two opposite question: conflict between the folkloric blood and the wilderness of modernity. Those will connect with his yearning for dramatic structure. It is the making of a total theater by a single man.  

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